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Does the type of source affect the nutritional quality of omega oil products?

The answer is yes.  There are a variety of sources of omega oils and healthy fatty acids.  The source of the oil does affect the nutritional quality and benefit to be derived from it.


There are a few select foods that contain omega polyunsaturated fatty acids which help protect your body and aid in digestion and more.  Just like vitamins, the concentration of omega oil really depends upon the source it is derived from.  Some sources of omega oil and essential fatty acids are being threatened in order to bring a product to market. 


When you decide to take an omega supplement you have elected to do something for the health and betterment of your body.  Why would you then select an omega supplement that offers very little nutritional benefit or one that is derived from a poor quality source.


The two omega oil supplements that are supported on this website are both top quality and highly concentrated supplements that deliver the most optimum nutritional benefits. 


Sources of omega oils:

  • Fish / Seafood (oysters, sardines, anchovies, salmon, mackerel, herring, tuna, bluefish, halibut, krill and seal)
  • Nuts & Grains (Flax seeds and walnuts)
  • Foods (Eggs, tofu) 

PharmaOmega's source is...

PharmaOmega's supplements are derived from sardines and anchovies that are caught in peak season and are not threatened from the process. 


PharmaOmega's fish oils is put through a rigorous process where strict quality standards are met otherwise they use it as biofuel (recycling genius).  BUY NOW

Omega Daily's source is...

OmegaDaily has selected the New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel as it's top quality source for protein, omega oil and vitamins & minerals.  


The extraction process is so successful that they have patented and clinical studies support the medicinal qualities of their supplement, especially against inflammation.  BUY NOW