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Omega Health Benefits
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Pre-and-post pregnancy benefits of taking an omega-3 supplement

Expectant moms or women who are trying to conceive should include an omega fatty acid supplement into their diet for a variety of reasons.  Both mom and baby will benefit from the nutrients, vitamins and essential fatty acids and poly-unsaturated fats that are part of any high-quality omega supplements.

Fact: Too many women do not receive adequate amounts of Vitamin D and DHA along with other key nutrients during their pregnancy which puts both mom and baby at risk.

Health Benefits for Pregnant Women

For moms-to-be your health and well-being will affect the health and well-being of your baby.  By incorporating a nutrient rich omega supplement into your diet you will help support strong bones, joints and a healthy immune system


You will also see an improvement in your emotional stability (mood swings) and cognitive function (mental alertness and memory).  You will also be replenishing depleted nutrients that your body is using in carrying the baby.  Your metabolism will be stabilized and your overall health will improve.


The importance of taking an omega supplement is increased for women who have been pregnant before.  With each pregnancy your body's nutrients are depleted more and more.  Therefore, it is extremely important to replace those vitamins and minerals for your current pregnancy or especially while you are breastfeeding.

Health Benefits for Developing Baby

For your growing baby the addition of an essential fatty acid supplement will aid in the healthy development of your child.  


You will also be contributing to the healthy development of strong bones and a healthy immune system.  


Your growing baby will also benefit from proper development of the eyes and visual senses along with the early stages of brain development and function


An omega-3 supplement will also support an healthy weight at birth.

The Right Omega-3 Supplement for Moms-to-Be Is....

Woman who are thinking about having a child, women who are already pregnant, or women who have already given birth can all benefit from taking PharmaOmega's Mom Omega-3 Supplement


This supplement is specially formulated for women who need a top quality all natural source of essential fatty acids and omega oils and Vitamin D for optimum health before,  during, and after pregnancy


PharmaOmega's Mom Omega-3 Supplement will help both mom and unborn child nurture healthy bodies and provide both with all the nutrients and vitamins they need for a healthy, happy life!