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Omega Health Benefits
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Put an end to the forgetfulness that plagues your daily routines!

In our household my father-in-law once put the milk in the cupboard, from that day forward it has been a running joke in our family.  You might have experienced the same thing with your family and friends.  Random, mindless acts that make absolutely no sense and prove jokingly funny to others!


Your friends or family will speak about how they are always losing their keys, or how they keep forgetting where they parked their car. And what about that important item you hid for safe keeping except that when you needed it the most you couldn't recall where you placed it.


Forgetfulness or absentmindedness is a natural part of our makeup, but if you or a loved are consistently forgetting details it may be an indication of something more serious.


Improving Focus, Concentration, Reading, Vision, and Attention (ADD)

Adding an omega supplement to your diet can do wonders for your brain and mind.  The essential nutrients of EPA & DHA improve cognitive function.  After taking an omega supplement you will find that you are focused and able to concentrate on more difficult tasks.  Your memory will improve and you'll find more enjoyment in the activities you love like reading.


Individuals with poor eyesight will see an improvement in their vision and their reading ability which indirectly increases brain function and learning.  Keep Alzheimer's at bay and engage your mind.  Don't let the illnesses of age creep up on you and your loved ones - take a proactive approach today and do something good for you!


How Soon Do You Start Seeing Results?

Some people report a difference in as little as a few weeks although the full results start to kick in after a month.  Incorporating an omega supplement into your daily routine is part of a lifestyle change.  When you commit to making a positive change in your life you are rewarded with better health, a happier outlook and the potential for a long and active life.

Kids Do Not Need Prescription Drugs!

Feeling the pressure to raise the perfect kid and meet society's standards, parents and doctors are turning to prescription medication to treat children with learning disabilities or unwanted behavioral characteristics.


Forget expensive prescription medication and their negative side effects, help your child by turning to a more realistic and holistic treatment.  There are many advantages for your child in taking an omega supplement.


For kids and teens who struggle with ADD (attention deficit disorder) the inclusion of omega oils and healthy fats significantly improve their ability to learn and pay attention.  Increase your child's ability to retain more and set them on the path for a successful future!


Give your child a boost with an omega supplement!

Designed specifically for them, PharmaOmega's Learn supplement is formulated to increase your child's learning capability and cognitive skills for a happier, smarter child.

Depleted Nutrients = Unbalanced System

As we get older our body is working off of a depleted reserve of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids.  Our diets become increasingly more important as a way to replenish those nutrients. 


When your body does not get the needed nutrients through dietary means you most likely sense or feel a little off.   This is the result of an unbalanced system that is trying to breakdown other chemicals and minerals already in your system as a way to keep itself going. 


Replenish those nutrients and ensure a healthy system for your body with Omega Daily -   it works great against inflammation too! 



It's your time to benefit from all the nutritional elements that are packed into this amazing all-natural omega supplement. 


Omega Daily is a premium quality omega supplement that you can be confident will help you reach your goal of optimum health. 


The New Zealand Mussel is one of the richest sources of omega oils and fatty acids.