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Omega Health Benefits
What To Look For

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The difference is all in the ingredients and the source of the omega oil...

Not all omega oil products are the same.  Before you choose an omega supplement make sure the essential fatty acids and omega oil comes from the highest quality source and does not include unwanted additives.


Omega oil can be found in a variety of sources however the source will determine the potency of the omega oil.  Many consumers should also select an omega oil product that does not come from unethical sources.


Secondly, the form that the omega oil is available in will make a difference in it's quality & nutritional benefit, and the degree that it is most effectively absorbed.


Your health is what matters, pick an Omega oil source you can trust!


Omega Daily is a combination of the New Zealand mussel, natural mono-unsaturated olive oil, and Vitamin E. The marine lipid extract from the mussel is a great source of protein, vitamins, minerals and most importantly Omega-3 fatty acids.


This powerful combination is one of the highest quality and most concentrated forms of omega available.  The lipid extraction process ensures your receiving top quality product in a form that allows for maximum absorbency


Don't fall for the imitation freeze dried, mussel powder omega products.  They simply just can't be compared to  Omega Daily's level of nutritional value and impact.

Omega Daily comes in an easy to swallow gel capsule.  The gel capsule is made from gelatin, sorbitol syrup and glycerin for fast delivery of Omega Daily's key ingredients.


Enjoy an active lifestyle where you can move freely without pain knowing that your body is getting the essential nutrients for optimum health.



PharmaOmega is another marine lipid extract omega product with its source of omega coming from select harvested sardines and anchovies.  This supplement also includes Vitamin E, EPA and DHA for additional health benefits. 


The capsule is also made from gelatin, glycerin, and purified water.  Each supplement has it's own natural flavor like mint or orange!


Even better PharmaOmega does not contain artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.  Nor, does it include any ingredients like lactose, wheat, gluten, sodium or sugar that may cause a food allergy .

PharmaOmega's selection of pure, concentrated formulas makes these omega oil supplements a favorite among omega oil fans everywhere!


For a healthy supplement that you can feel confident about taking, PharmaOmega is that supplement!